Early maturing, fast growing lettuce that grows well all season. The radiant big rosettes of deeply-lobed, finely divided, delicate oak-like leaves are grown for its beauty as well as flavor. Cooler weather intensifies burgundy color. The leaves have a crisp, tender, with sweet and spicy tones and will not turn bitter. Harvested as baby greens about 25 days, and 55 days for mature heads. This is a Red version of the Salad Bowl variety.

  • Days to Maturity - 45-55 Days
  • Maximum Height - 9-15in
  • Spread - 9-15in
  • Leaf Color - Bronzish-Burgundy
  • Fruit / Blossom Size - 8-12in
  • Bolt Tolerant - High
  • Disease Resistant - Resistant to Heat with Some Tolerance to Late Season Mildew
  • 1994 AGM Winner

Lettuce, Red Salad Bowl 2 pk