Distinctive variety of lettuce with elongated heads that are largest at the top and taper towards the roots. The crisp, sweet flavor is shared throughout the compact rosette of tall, slightly curly upright leaves, to the very juicy midribs and into the creamy yellow heart. Can be harvested around 21 days for leaves, and around 75 for the head. Known for use in Caesar Salads.

  • Days to Maturity - 50-80 Days
  • Maximum Height - 10-12in
  • Spread - 10-12in
  • Leaf Color - Light Green Exterior with Creamy Yellow Interior
  • Fruit / Blossom Size - 8-10in
  • Bolt Tolerant - High
  • Disease Resistant - Resistant to Tip Burn

Lettuce, Romaine Paris Island 2 pk