Dig up some creativity with these fun and whimsical miniature garden kits! A great activity for all ages, both young and young at heart. Comes with everything needed to complete one miniature garden, including a pot, saucer, soil, rocks, moss, 3 plants, and 2 miniature decorations. (Plants included will vary from picture). Directions for planting available on Buchwalter Greenhouse’s YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/PXbg5lo9Y8E


Select from the following themes: Dinosaurs - Forest Animals - Gnomes - Fairies – Dogs.


Set this pot inside in a bright window or grow it outside where it will receive 4 or less hours of direct sunlight. 

Miniature Garden Kit

  • Inside: Bright window  |  Outside: 4 or less hours of direct sunlight.

    Watering: Once a week or when soil is partially dry.