A long, tapered, irregular (curl and twist a bit) pepper with thin walls, 3 lobes and a blunt end. Classified as a sweet pepper but has more flavor, a lower water content and mildish to moderate spicier flavor than other bell peppers. Best harvested when it is light yellowish-green in color, will turn orange-red if allowed to ripen. Great pepper for frying or roasting.


  • Hot / Sweet - Sweet
  • Pepper Type - Bell Pepper - Sweet
  • Approximate SHU Heat Units<100
  • Days to Maturity - 62-70 Days
  • Maximum Height - 24-30in
  • Fruit Color - Yellowish-Green, Turns to Red When Mature
  • Fruit / Blossom Size - 6in x 2.5in
  • Disease Resistant - Resistant to Bacterial Spot
  • Open Pollinated

Pepper, Cubanelle 2 pk