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N’Joy Pothos: Care, Propagation, and More
February 20, 2021 by Julie, Houseplant Expert

N'Joy Pothos plant
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N’Joy Pothos is a delightful pothos cultivar known for the white and green variegation on its leaves. In this post, I’ll review easy N’Joy Pothos care, propagation, and everything else you’ll want to know about this unique plant!

What is Pothos N’ Joy?
N’Joy Pothos, or Pothos N’ Joy, is one of many beautiful pothos varieties (Epipremnum pinnatum).

This cultivar is actually a product of a breeding program, cultivated for “brighter variegation of the leaves and improved plant forms.”

It is “characterized by very compact growth, bright, distinctive green and white variegation.” You can read more about this cultivar in its United States patent.

The variegation on this pothos is “well-defined,” as the patent describes. It’s not like the marble queen pothos, with more speckled-looking variegation. Rather, the green parts stop before the white parts begin.

You might see the name spelled out as variations of N’Joy Pothos or Pothos N’ Joy. I couldn’t find exactly why it’s named N’Joy, but I assume it’s something along the lines of because you will “n-joy” looking at it!

Where can I buy an N’Joy Pothos?
You can easily find N’Joy Pothos cuttings and plants on Etsy. Check out this gorgeous N’Joy Pothos from one of my favorite Etsy shops!

How do you care for Pothos N’ Joy?
Here is a quick care overview, but this doesn’t mean you can skip the rest of my post! 🙂 Read on for all the critical care and propagation tips for success!

Light:    Bright to medium, indirect
Water:    When the top inch is dry
Humidity:    Prefers high, is OK with average
Potting Mix:    Well draining
Fertilizing:    General fertilizer once a month during the growing season
Repotting:    Repot when rootbound
Climbing:    Yes
Pruning:    To control size and shape and remove dead foliage

Pothos "N'Joy" - 3" pot

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