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Blooming Blend


For over 10 years, we've planted and cared for the containers and hanging baskets in downtown Wooster and Orrville, Ohio. Every year, we get asked how we keep the plants looking so beautiful. Well, the secret is out! We use our Blooming Blend every time we water to keep the plants bright and blooming all season long.

How to Use:

For best results, feed every time you water.

There are many plants that have specific needs in order to thrive during the season. Not all plants are the same, but we've found that majority of containers we design have iron hungry plants. These include, but are not limited to, petunias, verbena, bacopa, million bells, calibrachoa, and many more flowering annuals. Our Blooming Blend has three different types of chelated iron which keeps your plants rich in color and aids in promoting bloom growth.

Just like having a consistent, daily, nutritious diet, is needed to have a healthy life-style, feeding your plants regularly helps to keep them healthy and beautiful all season long. That's why we use Buchwalter Blooming Blend consistently when caring for the plants in downtown Wooster and Orrville!

We've found success in simply mixing one (1) teaspoon of Blooming Blend per gallon of water every time we water. All you need is a watering can next to your water faucet and you're good to go!

I have been very pleased with my flowers this year! This is the first year I used [Blooming Blend] and it surpassed my expectations! I will definitely be using this as it is available!!

— Donna B.

“Thank you Buchwalter Greenhouse. The flowers look beautiful year after year!”

— Main Street Wooster

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We're now shipping our fertilizer! Shop online our stop by our store to pick up yours today!

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